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Why Choose GIG Gulf Third Party Car Insurance?

GIG Gulf (previously AXA Gulf) is an award-winning insurer in the Middle East with more than 70 years of experience providing premium coverage across a range of insurance products. We specialise in Car Insurance, Travel Insurance, Home Insurance, Health Insurance and more.  

Some insurers can be hard to reach when you need them most. GIG Gulf is not like that. We have dedicated call centre representatives available around the clock and can assist you in 15 languages. We pride ourselves in our 24/7 support that can be accessed online or on the phone and our transparent and straightforward claims handling. Don’t just take our word for it. We have a Silver eKomi award with more than 23,000 reviews from satisfied customers.

Best of all, you can get a no-obligation online quote for third-party car insurance online in just minutes. Decide to buy, and you can get an extra 10% off today.


What Third-party Car Insurance offers

Third-party car insurance is the minimum required to drive legally in the United Arab Emirates and its cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It protects drivers from liabilities resulting from harm caused to third parties and property damage. Third-party cover does not protect costs incurred to repair your own vehicle after an accident. It won’t cover your car if it’s stolen or damaged by natural events or fire either.

Our third-party car insurance offers up to AED 3.5 million in third-party liability protection and better protects you and your family. 

When you're insured with GIG Gulf and get into an accident while driving, you’re covered for more than just damages to others (third parties). Our third-party insurance also covers any injuries or damages to your family members, even if they aren't listed on your insurance policy. If any of your family members are passengers of the insured vehicle and are affected by injuries as part of the accident of the insured vehicle, GIG Gulf takes care of the legal claims or compensations. This means you don't have to bear the financial burden if a loved one is affected after an accident. It's our way of providing extra peace of mind for you and your family.


What’s the Difference between Comprehensive and Third-Party Car Insurance?

Comprehensive insurance is an all-inclusive option that provides coverage for you and the third party involved in an accident. On the other hand, third-party insurance only protects you from liabilities concerning damages or injuries to others. Depending on your circumstances, you may be much better off choosing a more comprehensive car insurance policy

We have three tiers of car insurance at GIG Gulf, all with additional options that provide you with plenty of choices to find the perfect car insurance policy for your needs. Our mid-level Motor Perfect policy combines elements of third-party with comprehensive, providing complete vehicle protection from natural disasters, fire and theft, medical and belongings protection, and includes Oman and off-road cover. 

Our premium Motor Prestige offers all the above with higher third-party liability protection of up to AED 5 million and 24-month total loss protection for the invoice value of your car. You also get your very own personal customer service advisor.

These policies offer additional benefits over third-party car insurance, such as complimentary airport, servicing, and inspection pick-up and drop-offs worth more than AED 750, so you can save money and focus on the more important things in life. 




Motor Prestige
Motor Perfect
Motor Third Party
Loss or damage to the insured vehicle
Not Applicable
Third party liability - Bodily injury
Third party property damage
AED 5 million AED 3.5 million AED 3.5 million
Legal liability extended to include family members as Third Party
Fire & theft cover
Not Applicable
Storm, flood, riot and strike
Not Applicable
Personal injury cover
AED 20,000 AED 20,000 Not Applicable
Emergency medical expenses
AED 6,000 AED 3,500 Not Applicable
Personal belongings
AED 4,000 AED 4,000 Not Applicable
No claims discount
Oman cover
Off-road cover
Not Applicable
Maximum available agency repair period
Included 5 years Optional up to 5 years Not Applicable
Guaranteed repairs
Not Applicable
Back to invoice for total loss
24 months from 1st registration 6 months from 1st registration Not Applicable
Waiver for excess for windscreen damage
Yes, if below AED 5,000 Not Applicable
Personal accident benefit - driver
Optional AED 350,000 Optional AED 200,000 Optional AED 200,000
Personal accident benefit - passengers
Optional AED 200,000 Optional AED 200,000 Optional AED 200,000
Hire car benefit
Yes, up to AED 1,500 Optional, up to 7 days Not Applicable
24 hour accident and breakdown recovery
GCC cover
Optional Optional Not Applicable
Pickup & delivery (claims service)
Not Applicable
Claims single point of contact
Not Applicable Not Applicable


Frequently asked questions about Third-party Car Insurance

​​​​​​Third Party Car Insurance is a basic type of car insurance that covers damages and injuries caused by the insured vehicle to other people or property, but not to the insured vehicle itself.

Yes, Third Party Car Insurance is the minimum legal requirement for vehicles in the UAE. Every vehicle owner must have it before driving on the road.

No, it only covers damages or injuries you cause to other parties. Damage to your vehicle would need comprehensive insurance.

Premiums are determined by various factors, including the vehicle type, age, engine size, and the driver's age and driving history.

Your Third Party Insurance will cover the damages and injuries to the other party involved in the accident. However, any damages to your vehicle will be your responsibility.

Yes, you can upgrade anytime – contact GIG Gulf's customer service to discuss the process by calling our toll-free number, 800 292.

Once all necessary details are provided and the premium is paid, your policy can be issued online instantly or within a short time.

Ensure safety first, then inform the police. After getting the police report, contact GIG Gulf's helpline or website for further assistance.

No, Third Party Insurance is designed to cover liabilities to other parties. Theft or fire-related damages would require more comprehensive insurance.

First, obtain the necessary police reports. Then, contact GIG Gulf's claims department or use the online claims portal and provide the required documents.



How to submit your claim

If you encounter any issue and want to submit a claim, our dedicated claims team can help you anytime with our hassle-free claims process, anywhere. Just tell us what happened and we will take it from there.

For endorsement or cancelation requests click Here.

For claims requests: Fill out this form or call 800 292 and one of our customer service representatives will guide you through your claim.