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Free airport pick-up and drop-off concierge service worth AED 250

Free pick up and drop off for your car service worth AED 250

Free car inspection pick-up and drop-off service for registration renewal


Choose Your Level of Car Insurance Protection

From top-tier, fully comprehensive car insurance coverage to cost-effective essential protection, we have an option tailored for everyone.

All our car insurance policies offer 24-hour accident and breakdown recovery and provide no claims discounts. That means you don’t have to compromise on crucial car insurance features even on a tight budget.

Here are the other great benefits GIG Gulf car insurance provides across its three tiers of coverage: the fully comprehensive Motor Prestige, the adaptable Motor Perfect and the low-cost Motor Third Party. 

Motor Prestige: For Those Who Seek the Best

Enjoy top-tier car insurance protection with a wide array of brilliant benefits:

  • Full Vehicle Protection: Shield against loss or damage.

  • Third-Party Liability: Covering bodily injury and property damage up to AED 5 million.

  • Complete Environmental & Criminal Protection: Fire, theft, storm, flood, riot, and strike coverage.

  • Personal Injury Coverage: Up to AED 20,000.

  • Emergency Medical Support: Up to AED 6,000.

  • Personal Belongings Protection: Up to AED 4,000.

  • Wider Coverage Options: Including Oman and off-road car insurance coverage.

  • Guaranteed Repairs & Agency Repair: Peace of mind for up to 5 years.

  • Total Loss Benefit: Invoice value protected for up to 24 months from first registration.

  • Comprehensive Benefits & Services: From windscreen damage waivers to 24-hour accident recovery, GCC coverage, and convenient pick-up and drop-off services.

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Motor Perfect: Balance Between Premium Protection and Affordability

Our versatile car insurance plan offers comprehensive benefits:

  • Vehicle Damage Protection: Coverage against loss or damage.

  • Third-Party Liability: Bodily injury and property damage up to AED 3.5 million.

  • Wide-Range Protection: From natural disasters to theft.

  • Personal & Medical Protection: Covering up to AED 20,000 for injuries and AED 3,500 for medical emergencies.

  • Preservation of Personal Assets: Safeguarding your belongings up to AED 4,000.

  • Freedom to Explore: Includes Oman and off-road insurance.

  • Flexible Repair Options: Choose agency repairs for up to 5 years.

  • Tailored Benefits: From total loss protection to optional hire car benefits and pick-up and drop-off services.

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Frequently asked questions about Car Insurance

Car insurance offers financial protection against physical damage or bodily injury resulting from traffic collisions and other unforeseen incidents.

Yes, car insurance is a legal requirement for all vehicles in the UAE. You cannot register your car without valid insurance coverage.

Comprehensive car insurance covers damages to your own vehicle as well as third-party damages. Third-party insurance only covers damages caused to another person’s property or injuries. We offer three tiers at GIG Gulf, covering all eventualities.

Insurance premiums are calculated based on factors like the vehicle’s age, model, value, driver’s age and driving history, and the type of coverage selected.

The cost of car insurance in the UAE is influenced by vehicle and driver-specific details. The age and condition of the vehicle play a pivotal role; older cars might be more expensive to insure due to potential issues, while newer, well-maintained vehicles often attract lower premiums. The driver's age is another significant factor, with younger and much older drivers typically facing higher rates due to statistical accident probabilities. A driver's record, both in terms of driving behaviour and claim history, can increase or decrease premiums. The vehicle's market value also matters; higher-value cars might attract higher insurance rates. Additionally, the type of insurance plan, its coverage, and the chosen deductible amount will effect the final premium.

Yes, the no-claims discount, or no-claims bonus, is transferable. You can obtain a certificate from your previous insurer and present it to the new provider to benefit from the discount. 

After ensuring everyone's safety, report the accident to the police. You will need the police report to process your claim. Contact us when you have the report or submit a claim using our online claim tool. Once the claim is submitted, you will receive an SMS providing the claim reference number and contact details of the workshop as per your policy coverage.

Some policies offer GCC-wide coverage as an optional add-on, while others might include it in their standard packages. Add these to your GIG Gulf Motor Prestige or Motor Perfect insurance policies while getting a quote.

Off-road coverage is designed to protect your vehicle during off-road adventures. GIG Gulf’s Motor Third Party does not cover off-roading, but Prestige and Perfect do.  

Driving without insurance is illegal and can result in hefty fines, black points on your driving license, vehicle impoundment, and difficulties obtaining future insurance coverage.

Yes, all GIG Gulf policies offer extensions to cover legal liabilities for family members as third parties. Check the terms and conditions to find put details depending on your policy.

You can renew your GIG Gulf car insurance online Here


Frequently asked questions about free car insurance benefits:

You can book your service online through this link. The insured vehicle will be taken for inspection only once. If due to any reason, the vehicle needs to be taken more than once, and you will be charged an extra fee. It is your responsibility to make sure all the fines are paid in advance. Please note that the inspection cost will not be bared by GIG.

Hire Car - documents required 

Copy of the Emirates ID

Copy of the driving license

Copy of the passport and visa

Copy of credit card


Inspection service - documents required

Copy of the Emirates ID

Copy of the driving license

Copy of the passport and visa

Original old registration card

Benefit from this service when you need to pick your car up or drop it off at the workshop for a service. Service available to use once a year.

- This service is not valid for motor cycles, commercial vehicles, pickup trucks and vans.

- Booking must be within the same emirate.

- Service centre charges/excess charges to be borne by the customer and paid directly to the service centre.

Since the airport pickup and drop-off is a two-time service, please take note of the following:

- You have the option of selecting either two pickups or two drop-offs, or one pickup and one drop-off.

- The complimentary service will be restricted to four people and four baggages. (Charges of AED 25 will apply for each extra baggage) 

- Each trip within the same emirate is limited to 40 kilometres; Extra mileage charged at AED 5 per km.

- Except for a pickup or drop-off service between Sharjah and Dubai or Dubai and Sharjah, this service does not provide intercity travel (a distance cap of 40 KMs applies). For instance, if a client resides in Dubai but wishes to be dropped off in the airports of Abu Dhabi or Ras Al Khaimah, this should not be covered.


* Terms and conditions apply.

  • Car Inspection service to be booked 48 hours prior to the required time.
  • Airport pick up and Drop off to be booked 24 hours prior to the required time.
  • Car service pick up and drop off to be booked 48 hours prior to the required time. 

You can request your hire car (If your policy is eligible) through this link.


Motor Prestige
Motor Perfect
Motor Third Party
Loss or damage to the insured vehicle
Not Applicable
Third party liability - Bodily injury
Third party property damage
AED 5 million AED 3.5 million AED 3.5 million
Legal liability extended to include family members as Third Party
Fire & theft cover
Not Applicable
Storm, flood, riot and strike
Not Applicable
Personal injury cover
AED 20,000 AED 20,000 Not Applicable
Emergency medical expenses
AED 6,000 AED 3,500 Not Applicable
Personal belongings
AED 4,000 AED 4,000 Not Applicable
No claims discount
Oman cover
Off-road cover
Not Applicable
Maximum available agency repair period
Included 5 years Optional up to 5 years Not Applicable
Guaranteed repairs
Not Applicable
Back to invoice for total loss
24 months from 1st registration 6 months from 1st registration Not Applicable
Waiver for excess for windscreen damage
Yes, if below AED 5,000 Not Applicable
Personal accident benefit - driver
Optional AED 350,000 Optional AED 200,000 Optional AED 200,000
Personal accident benefit - passengers
Optional AED 200,000 Optional AED 200,000 Optional AED 200,000
Hire car benefit
Yes, up to AED 1,500 Optional, up to 7 days Not Applicable
24 hour accident and breakdown recovery
GCC cover
Optional Optional Not Applicable
Pickup & delivery (claims service)
Not Applicable
Claims single point of contact
Not Applicable Not Applicable
Free Airport Pickup & drop off
Not Applicable
Car service pickup and drop off
Not Applicable
Free Car Inspection (Car registration renewal) Pickup & drop off
Not Applicable



How to submit your claim

If you encounter any issue and want to submit a claim, our dedicated claims team can help you anytime with our hassle-free claims process, anywhere. Just tell us what happened and we will take it from there.

For endorsement or cancelation requests click Here.

For claims requests: Fill out this form or call 800 292 and one of our customer service representatives will guide you through your claim.